[Koha] Koha support from PTFS Europe

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Sep 10 19:43:16 NZST 2009

Chris Cormack <chris at bigballofwax.co.nz>
> 2009/9/8 Nick Dimant <nick.dimant at ptfs-europe.com>:
> > 3.  We submitted our application to get listed on "Pay for support" - we
> > look forward to getting feedback soon.  In fact we applied a few weeks
> > ago and have not heard anything yet.  Does anyone know how soon we will
> > be listed and/or contacted?
> >
> Mine has only been a few days, but no response (not even a receipt of
> the message) yet for me either. Truth be told, given Liblime's
> withdrawal from the community, I am not actually expecting one.

The message from Nick Dimant hasn't come to me through the list.
Is the list working OK?  Is it just me?

Anyway, this is at least the second time this month that I've seen
a comment like "Liblime's withdrawal from the community".

Could Liblime or any of their customers confirm/reject that claim,
please?  Then we can deal with the consequences, either way.

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