[Koha] Search not working

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Sep 10 03:17:49 NZST 2009

Andrew Buxton asked:
> I’m getting the same problem.  Could someone please elaborate on answer 1.  
> - How do I check that zebrasrv is running?

I use "pgrep zebrasrv" but ps, top, task manager and many others
might also show it.

> - How do I check that the index has been built?

One way would be to look for recent changes to the zebra data files.
They're probably in var/lib/zebradb near where koha is installed.

Another is to connect to the server with a z39.50 client and try a
search.  yaz-client is one and there's probably a detailed example
in the list archives.

> - What does “see INSTALL” mean?

There is a file called INSTALL in the top folder of the Koha download,
like in many FOSS project downloads.  It contains essential reading
for getting up and running, including some mention of zebrasrv.

Hope that helps,
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