[Koha] Parent/ child accounts

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 9 09:12:46 NZST 2009

* Cab Vinton (bibliwho at gmail.com) wrote:
> From my brief testing with Koha 3.0, a parent who logs in does not
> have access to any associated child accounts.
> So, for a parent looking for a quick way to check what items his/ her
> family has checked out, s/he either has to check out all materials on
> one card, or check each account individually. Neither option is ideal.
> Are there workarounds for this? How big an enhancement would this be?
> I know privacy concerns would kick in at some point, particularly with
> teenagers, but for the younger set (elementary/ middle school years),
> I think some kind of "family administrator" account makes sense.
Koha definitely used to have this feature, and it will be needed back.
In Koha 2.2.x and earlier, in the detail section it had hyperlinks to each of the children attached to an adult record.

And from the children back. In 3.0.x (and looks like what will be 3.2.x) we only have the links back from child to guarantor.

Can you add this as a bug, and I will endeavour to add it back in.

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