[Koha] Help with searching from a Google Android phone

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon Sep 7 12:44:26 NZST 2009

2009/9/7 Mark Osborne <mosborne at ashs.school.nz>:
> Hello,
> I'm grappling with something exciting at the moment but would like some help
> from the Koha community. I have a brand new Google Android phone, which has
> on it an app called Barcode Scanner. It works by using the phone's camera as
> a barcode reader to scan an item's ISBN then search something like Amazon or
> Google Books to find a match (which you can obviously use to purchase the
> item). Think of seeing a good book your friend has, scanning the barcode and
> ordering a copy for yourself.
> Where Koha comes in is that it offers one the ability to enter a 'custom
> search' URL. So I started to think: what if I set this to be my library's
> OPAC and did an ISBN search of Koha? That would give me the ability to
> search my Koha using a smartphone barcode scanner. The problem is, I can't
> get any results returned. I've set the 'custom search' URL to be
> http://<library server>/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=%s (where %s is the
> ISBN returned by the barcode scanner.)
> The problem is that I can't get any results returned. The ISBN I'm using to
> test it is 9780143018674 but the page I end up on is 'No result found! No
> results match your search for 9780143018674.' Is there a special URL I
> should use to complete an ISBN search?
> Can anyone help me?

Hi Mark




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