[Koha] How to Host Multiple Database in KOHA 3.0.3

nitesh rijal rijal.it at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 18:27:04 NZDT 2009


I am using Debian Lenny Stable version and KOHA 3.0.3.

I need to add multiple databases in my KOHA installation for hosting
databases from various libraries.

I have a manual explaining the process in KOHA 2.2.9 but I need it for KOHA

There is an issue with Zebra Server in KOHA 3.0.3, I guess. Please refer me
to any links or resources that are available for this issue.

Also, I've tried to configure the Offline Circulation Client but it shows an
error of PHP-GTK2. I have listed the detail in a previous mail but I didn't
get any response at all.

Please Help.


Nitesh Rijal
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