[Koha] Help with multiple copies

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Tue Oct 20 11:32:03 NZDT 2009

2009/10/20 Wilma Marakan <wilma_marakan at justice.gov.pg>:
> Hello all,
> Our library is new to KOHA. We have migrated our bib records from a non
> MARC format.  Many of our titles are original cataloguing in book and
> serial formats.
> We have migrated titles with multiple copies which had separate biblios in
> the old system and would like to edit and change it to have 1 bib record
> for multiple copies with items for separate branches.  The same goes for
> our serials.  Is there a quicker way of doing this?
> We are using KOHA 2.2.9 on Ubuntu.
Hi Wilma

Is there a reason you are using such an old version of Koha? I would
thoroughly recommend using a more up to date version.
2.2.9 is no longer supported.


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