[Koha] Amazon cover images on OPAC, not on staff search?

Agnes Rivers-Moore arm at hanover.ca
Wed Oct 14 05:37:53 NZDT 2009

Hello all

We catalogue a new title, make sure that the 10 digit ISBN is in the 
first of the 020 fields. Often we even copy the 10 digit number from the 
Amazon site.
After saving and indexing (Zebra) is complete, we find that the cover 
image appears correctly in the OPAC, but not in the results list when 
searching in the staff module - there we get 'no image available'. Other 
titles do have covers showing.

I have Googled this and not found any references to this specific issue. 
Can anyone shed light?

Koha ver

Thank you


Agnes Rivers-Moore
Assistant Librarian
Hanover Public Library

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