[Koha] Koha demo links on koha.org

Walls, Ian Ian.Walls at med.nyu.edu
Sat Oct 10 06:23:35 NZDT 2009

>To me, that theory just doesn't make sense. If it were true, why is it
>LEK, and not just Koha. Why would they be offering 'Community Koha' if
>LEK *is* 'Koha Community' ( assuming the theory were true ).

>I was poking around the Liblime site and came across this page:

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about this page, where they clearly differentiate themselves from the Koha community.  

>I am a bit upset because they are listing "Off-line circulation" as a
>LEK only feature. So not only is this false information, but they are
>taking credit for my own personal work ( it's listed under "LibLime
>Enhancements" ).

I'm going to give up trying to understand LibLime.  I wanted so much for this whole thing to just be a misunderstanding, a difference in viewpoints that could be cleared up by communication.  But falsely taking credit for someone else's work like this ruins any chance for sympathy.   That's not acceptable behavior by any standards.

Moving on (better late than never),


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