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Brian Chee chee at hawaii.edu
Tue Oct 6 09:21:23 NZDT 2009

Would Honolulu be a viable alternative? I used to bring folks from Dunedin
and Christchurch over for a Novell users conference in Honolulu every year.
I¹m fairly sure I could get the East West Center inexpensively and also get
a block of graduate dorm rooms super cheap...the last time I put folks up in
our grad dorm it was $65/night.

To save even more, we might be able to convince our open source conference
to co-locate and share expenses??? Honolulu gets MUCH cheaper in off seasons
like Fall and Spring....our high seasons are Winter (snow birds) and Summer
(everyone off school)....and right now there are amazing deals on airfares
since all the airlines are hurting...my buddies just did a $599 round trip
from Orlando to Honolulu on united.

We also have a library school that could possibly be convinced to get sucked
into such a project and my wife is on the board of the Hawaii Library

/brian chee

On 10/5/09 10:06 AM, "M. Brooke Helman" <abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Salvete!
> Sorry, but whether there is a US Koha conference or not, there is zero chance
> of our organization, and I suspect any other Kansas Koha users, going to
> KohaCon NZ. Too bad but that's just the way it is.
> Jim Minges
>           Be that as it may, Jim, it's very selfish for US users to not plan
> around the rest of the world from time to time. The first KohaCon was in
> Paris. I really wanted to go, but I was unable. It rolled around to US, I was
> very happy to go. When it rolls around to NZ, I want to go. I have seen Chris
> bleary eyed from flight twice now, and I don't think American users are making
> the same efforts international users are in getting to conference. I was
> delighted at how many French hopped over to see us. What's a big ocean between
> friends? If we rotate the host continent, then it will be close to someone's
> backyard eventually. We've done Europe, we've done North America, I'd propose
> Aus/NZ, then South America, then Asia, then Africa. Yes, it might end up
> taking a long time for it to be in your backyard, but the point is that it
> will get there eventually. :D
>            Why not plan so that the US conference is six months away from the
> NZ conference. Budgets and wallets might be replenished by then. Even better,
> since KohaCon has mostly been following a biennial approach, we can plan a US
> conference for 2011.
> Nicole Engard wrote:
> As I said on IRC - My concern is that if there is a US conference as
> well then library admins will not send people to NZ where they might
> have before.
>             I share this concern, Nicole.
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 2:18 PM, David Schuster <dschust1 at tx.rr.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > I wanted to see what type of interest there is in another conference in the
>> > US and who would be willing to help/host/committee/present...
>> >
>> > There has been lots of discussion about other issues, but thought we should
>> > refocus our energy to helping each other.
>> >
>> > I know Chris is working on a conference in NZ - KohaCon 2010 anniversary -
>> > but many of us I know won't be able to attend. ?I don't want to take any
>> > thunder from that though as well...
>> >
>> > What are peoples thoughts - concerns...
>> >
>> > Some people indicated if there is no other option than NZ maybe their
>> > administration would let them go to NZ - I want to hear what people have to
>> > say.
>             If people are amenable, I am willing to organise a conference in
> 2011 for a US KohaCon that will not conflict with another international
> KohaCon, should another nation step forward to host an international
> conference if the community feels like having an annual international
> conference. 
>             Since my new home is in Arlington, I would propose my location be
> somewhere in the DC Metro area.
>             If someone else is foolish enough to want to take this on, we can
> either duke it out in the carpark, or preferably submit electronic bids
> somewhere and throw it up for a vote. I would certainly help organise a
> "rival" conference should I lose out.
>             I would further suggest application of my moveable international
> conference to the domestic one. Since we had it in Plano last time, were DC to
> be worthy of the next US conference, then I would hope someone from the West
> Coast would step up for the US conference after that.
>             I would like to stress that if the "dirty" French, New Zealanders,
> or any other international visitors make the journey to a US KohaCon, they
> will of course be welcome!
> Cheers,
> Brooke
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