[Koha] Confirming lack of edit access to Koha site

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Sat May 30 23:58:19 NZST 2009


The Kaitiaki should have more than just basic login rights to the
official site. This is true in especial given Rachel's past hard work on
website development. We elected her. Permissions on a website seem a
small thing in the frame of guardianship of the entire project, but
they're important nonetheless.


>Hi Rach-
>With a basic login you should right now be able to do all the
> - add news
> - add events
> - add libraries to the showcase/map-- in fact, if you could work on
> adding any NZ libraries missing that would be great.
>Let me know if you can't do these things. I could with a basic login
>time I checked.
>There seems to be a bug creating some permission weirdness with adding
>documentation at the moment, which we are looking into. The intention
is for
>documentation to be added by anyone with a login as well.
>Rather than think of 'editing', think of 'adding'.
>Hope that helps,

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