[Koha] Storage structure of Koha3 for Marc fields.

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2009/5/29 echuang.chew <echuang.chew at gmail.com>

> Greetings,
> I am new to Koha3, after I upgraded my Koha2 to Koha3, notice that the
> database design has been changed.
> FYI, I am using the non zebra version of Koha3. Can anyone tell me is
> Koha3 still using marc_XXXX tables to stored the marc fields ?
> Or is it any configuration to be done so that Koha3 will still using the
> marc_XXXX for storing marc fields ?
> Can anyone please help me ?
> Best Regards,
> eChuang, Chew
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Koha 3 actually stores the MARC data quite differently, as a data blob in
the biblioitems.marc and biblioitems.marcxml tables. This is not

Note that to get NoZebra search working, you do have to run
misc/migration_tools/rebuild_nozebra.pl , to update the search indexes.

Jesse Weaver
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