[Koha] Confirming lack of edit access to Koha site

Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel gonzalez at famaf.unc.edu.ar
Wed May 27 08:50:12 NZST 2009

> Let me know if you can't do these things. I could with a basic login last
> time I checked.
> Rather than think of 'editing', think of 'adding'.

But what if the pourpose is translate?
In particular, in spanish when we try to translate we obtain:

Permisos Insuficientes

No tiene suficientes permisos para ver esta página. Si cree que está
recibiendo este mensaje por error, contacte con la administración del

which translated is:

Insufficient Privileges

You do not have sufficient privileges to view this page. If you
believe you are receiving this message in error, contact the site

We are thinking in the translation of the manual, or at last part of it.
If you think that the best way is other than granting writing
privileges, let us know,
perhaps we could find a better way ( by we I mean all of us, the community )

Only trying to help, great site :)


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