[Koha] Koha and 508 Compliant

Bavousett, David dBavousett at ptfs.com
Thu May 28 01:50:26 NZST 2009

Zack Spalding wrote:

>Does anyone know if Koha is section 508 compliant? 

I haven't done a detailed examination of it, but my quick answer is "not particularly."  In a lot of ways, it will be, since it's a pretty-straightforward sort of thing, but that is probably as much good luck as deliberate design.  I don't think there would be any *major* restructuring needed to get it there, just lots and *lots* of finicky little details.

That is something I have been hoping to spend some attention on soon, accessibility being something of a personal interest to me.  No timetable on how soon that'd be though; my world is pretty busy at the moment.

J. David Bavousett
Open Source Software Engineer

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