[Koha] Koha and 508 Compliant

Bavousett, David dBavousett at ptfs.com
Thu May 28 01:51:53 NZST 2009

Joe Atzberger wrote:

>This depends entirely on the "assistive technology" that you care about.  If
>you mean something ancient, like JAWS 2.0 then it is easy to say that no
>modern website is compliant.
>Koha targets and largely succeeds at implementing the principles enumerated
>in 508.

I sit corrected, happily!  I'm sure there are some gaps, as not everybody pays attention to accessibility, but I'm elated to hear that Joe has.  

The devil is in the details, as Joe suggests.  We may never be able to eliminate the "largely" from "largely succeeds," but I think there's plenty of room to get *closer* to it.

J. David Bavousett
Open Source Software Engineer
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