[Koha] Patron login, password, card number, PIN terminology

Nelson Fredsell -CCE nelson at cfce.org.za
Sat May 23 20:27:04 NZST 2009

Dear all,


 I'm a little befuddled about the login account/borrowing account
information required by Koha.  Do I need three distinct pieces of
information, or may I use only two pieces?


eg. Patron is George Orwell


User:                                     gorwell

password/pin:                   1234

George's card number:  3333


Using this information, I may either


1)      On the default Koha home page I can either "Log in to Your Account"
with "Login" and "Password", or

2)      Click the link, "Log in to your account" in the upper right.  This
goes to a screen that asks for "Your card number" and "Password or PIN"


What's the difference?  Are login and cardnumber interchangeable re OPAC
and/or Circulation?





implementing a union catalogue

in Cape Town, South Africa

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