[Koha] Adding your own book covers to koha

Suchetha Wijenayake suchetha at gmail.com
Thu May 21 23:24:07 NZST 2009

Hello all.

I am setting up koha for a developmental organisation here in Sri
Lanka (you may have heard of the country, its been in the news a few
times lately).

They have a rather large collection of technical books that they have
published, and they want to put the covers on the koha DB so that
people can know what the book SHOULD look like.

They also want to put the back cover and contents page(s) up in the same way.

I have looked high and low for an efficient way of doing this, and I
am at wit's end. Most places recommend using Amazon covers, but there
is no chance the books will be on AMZN (self-published and all that

So where do I go from here? Does anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone done this?



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