[Koha] Authority Records "required" - renders controlled headings in biblios uneditable for those not using authority records

Harris, Gary, DCA Gary.Harris at state.nm.us
Sat May 16 03:29:39 NZST 2009


I am writing today to ask about the status of this bug/feature. To
summarize the information below, this anomalous behavior causes
libraries (esp. small, rural libraries, certain special libraries, and
mobile libraries) to not be able to edit controlled headings in their
bibliographic records in Koha.

This represents a real problem for library staff who know little or
nothing about authority control, and also special libraries that manage
authorities in different ways. Can anyone in the community help? Thank

NM State Library


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>  3 questions/problems/suggestions :

I'm still working on a response to these, but to add a fourth one,
with recent work Koha 3 is now in a situation where authority records
are now *required* -- this was not true prior to the second beta.  In
order for a cataloger to be able to add or edit a heading in the bib
record without being *required* to open a popup window for each
heading, BiblioAddsAuthorities must be turned on.  However, I don't
think turning BiblioAddsAuthorities on is suitable for every library.
as automatically creating authority records is a good way to enshrine

I propose adding another syspref (perhaps called RequireAuthoritySearch)
that controls whether a heading field is readonly or not in the bib
editor.  This would be orthogonal to the BibilioAddsAuthorities syspref.


Galen Charlton
Koha Application Developer
galen.charlton at liblime.com
p: 1-888-564-2457 x709
BUG: 2494
Description:    Opened: 2008-08-08 08:37 

The current set-up/definition in the bib frameworks in Koha of the
subfield a of tags deemed under authority control prevent the user from
being able to edit any typos etc. that exist in the contents of the $a
of these tags directly via the editor. 

This is especially a problem where the library has not loaded any
authorities and had them linked to bibs nor have the syspref
BiblioAddsAuthorities turned on to create brief authorities. They have
NO way of changing this info.

Suggestion is to add a syspref that will allow users to edit the
contents of
the $a in these tags directly from the editor.

Caveat to be clearly explained to customer for short term - In the case
where a library has loaded authorities or created stubbies and have them
linked to the tag, they can/will need be directed to make the changes in
the authority record itself and have the changes reflect back into the
bib otherwise they are in the position where they will delink the
authority from the bib. 

I will be adding another open enhancement request to make it more
efficient to access the edit authorities via the bib frameworks editor.

Gary L. Harris,   M.L.S.   M.A.
Director, Technical Services Bureau
New Mexico State Library
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To change something, build a new model that makes the
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