[Koha] MARC 21 framework versus UNIMARC

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Thu May 14 17:49:27 NZST 2009

> We set up our system for MARC 21 (which is verified in the 
> Administrative module –System Preferences—Cataloging—marcflavour) but 
> our bibliographic framework is defaulting to UNIMARC. Is there a way I 
> need to change a setting to get a MARC 21 framework structure as our 
> default?

Changing 'marcflavour' syspref won't help. During installation, in the 
web installer, you've choosen UNIMARC. It has loaded Koha DB with 
UNIMARC framework. The simplest solution is to recreate DB and re-launch 
web installer.

Frédéric DEMIANS

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