[Koha] Clearing "in house" OPACs

Greg Barniskis gregb at scls.lib.wi.us
Sat May 9 02:02:13 NZST 2009

Joe Atzberger wrote:
> It should be noted that this is half-hearted as a privacy/security measure....
> Then there are problems...

Agreed. Browser security/privacy in a shared computer environment can 
only be effectively addressed by training the user to be aware of the 
environment and act appropriately. An OPAC-specific automated solution 
really can't get around this, even if it could be "perfected" (which 
seems unlikely).

With Firefox, it is possible to configure a shared PC to always forget 
everything every time the browser window is closed. With IE, it's 
considerably more of a mess. We encourage people to log off of Windows 
so that our logon scripting can perform some IE pooper-scooper routines.

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