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Alejandro Tiraboschi altiraboschi at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:33:16 NZST 2009

Hi: I have a question related with searching when koha has authorities
In the OPAC
http://biblio.bmayor.famaf.unc.edu.ar (http://biblio.bmayor.unc.edu.ar in
the near future)
you can  Browse by
 (switch previously to english) for example "POESIA" and you get some
authority records, in particular

      *used for/see from:* GENERO LIRICO
      *used for/see from:* GENERO POETICO
      *see also:* GENEROS LITERARIOS
      *see also:* VERSIFICACION
      *see also:* CLASIFICACION DE LAS
*The biblios linked to/from this authority are 212. If you search "poesia"
in the usual way (without using authorities) you  get a lot of records
(including those 212) and it is ok.  The problem is, in my opinion, when you
search for a "non used term", for example "GENERO LIRICO", because you get
a No Result found!. I think  the correct answer should be, at least, that
you get all the records that link to the authority record "POESIA". If not,
the autorithy system has no sense (o very little) for the OPAC user.*

*My question is: *
*Do Koha work in this way or is a problem of missconfiguration? *
Is it possible to configure/modify Koha/Zebra in such way that the usual
search works with the non used terms?

Bye. Thanks in advance.

Alejandro Tiraboschi
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