[Koha] How to Import the Excel data in to the Koha

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Mon Jan 12 22:44:38 NZDT 2009

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> Thommy M. writes: 
> > bjagadish1 at yahoo.co.in wrote:
> >> sir, i am new to the KOHA software , I have data
> in the excel sheet ,
> >> can u ple tell me how to import the Excel data in
> to the KOHA software.
> >> thanking you sir,
> >> with regards
> > 
> > Install Koha and check the data structure of the
> database. Then generate
> > SQL statements to read your data and import it into
> the correct tables. ;-)
> An alternative way: Use MarcEdit to create a file you may
> import into Koha 
> using bulkmarkimport.pl 

i also use marcEdit. Enter a sample record into koha and export it out as a marc record, use marcedit "marcbreaker" to break this marc file so you could see the tags and the sub fields used by koha. then export your data out of excel to csv.

you then use marcEdit csv to marc converter to convert it to .mrk after you have correctly mapped your csv fields to the appropriate tag and subfield.

Then to marc which you then import into koha. 

i use the web interface to import into koha

I hope this helps


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