[Koha] Importing Item Information with Stage MARC Records ForImport tool

Winter, James WinterJ at arcadia.edu
Thu Feb 26 04:50:33 NZDT 2009

I've had the best results by changing the tag in export file to 952
(just with a sed command like this: sed 's/tag\=\"949/tag\=\"952/'
original_export.xml > new_export.xml)

You'll then have to go through the framework in Koha and change the
subfields in the 952 tag to match your item subfields.

Also, change the record.abs file in
/etc/koha/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios to match your item subfields.
I haven't had to mess with the unimarc record.abs file so I'm afraid I
can't offer much advise there if you're using unimarc.

James Winter

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I am very new to this.  I have installed koha on a test server, and
have played around with it a bit.  I have been able to import marc
records that I have exported from our Horizon system.  The system can
also export item information in a 949 tag.  I know that I will need to
set up corresponding item status, itypes, collections, etc. but once
all of that is done, how do I tell koha how to translate the 949 info
into item information?  Is there a howto somewhere, or some
documentation I can refer to?


Kevin Smith
Assistant Director
Cass District Library AND
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