[Koha] Items marked long overdue one day after due date

Tim McMahon tmcmahon at wlpl.org
Thu Feb 19 05:32:40 NZDT 2009

Running Koha 3, we're having all items marked long overdue one day after 
the due date and patrons are charged the items replacement price.  Our 
LOST status is 1=lost and 2=long overdue.  The crontab entry is from 

10 21 * * 1 $USER $KOHA_CRON_PATH/longoverdue.pl --lost 20=2 --lost 
100=1 --charge 1 --confirm

What else should I be checking to get long overdues to wait till books 
ar long ovedue?

Tim McMahon
Technical Services
West Liberty Public Library

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