[Koha] Online opac , intranet IP

Cory Jaeger cjaeger at dce.k12.wi.us
Thu Feb 19 04:02:41 NZDT 2009

Use a free service like no-ip.com ( http://www.no-ip.com/services/managed_dns/free_dynamic_dns.html ) to create a hostname that changes when your dynamic IP changes.  Many of these services can also do a port-80 redirect to allow you to server web pages on a system if your ISP blocks standard web servers.

>>> john smith <smith_me at live.com> 02/18/09 1:50 AM >>>

HI to all
I have koha 3 on Ubuntu 8 and I have adsl connection with dynamic IP address (router IP ). I want to uploading opac and intranet interfaces online to access on it from another PCs. Any help to that  
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