[Koha] Hardware setup

Zeno Tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Fri Feb 13 21:52:08 NZDT 2009


At 22.57 12/02/2009, Lars J. Helbo wrote:
>I am getting closer to the point, where we will start using koha. 
>Before I start building the system, I have a few questions. They are 
>probably naive and simple, but I am a beginner on this ;-)
>It is a small private school, where we will also have a library. 
>There will be a server for the school - including web-, mail-, 
>print- and fileserver. But from my feelings I am a bit reluctant on 
>installing koha on this central server. Are there any big advantage 
>in installing koha on a separate computer in the library? If 
>something goes wrong, I think the consequences would be smaller.

the big advantage is that you can test, delete, drop without problems.
After you test phase you can think about using the central server.

I think that also on production is better to have a separate server.


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