[Koha] installing koha 3.0 on ubuntu

agiesler at wisc.edu agiesler at wisc.edu
Thu Feb 5 10:31:22 NZDT 2009

Thanks for pointing that out. 

Can anyone confirm whether there are known problems with running Koha 3.0
under Ubuntu 8.10, or whether this note in the Koha Wiki was a just a
general cautionary statement? 

I've updated the first page of the Blazing Moon guide to make people aware
of the concern. (http://www.blazingmoon.org/guides/k3-on-u810-1.html)

Andy Giesler
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Chris Nighswonger wrote:
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>     kamal kannan wrote:
>     > I am installing koha 3.0 on ubuntu 8.10
>     Don't. Use 8.04 instead. There are some known problems with Koha and
>     8.10 mentioned in the install instructions.
> Hmm... I'm running on 8.10 w/o problems. I did have to 'sudo
> apt-get install dselect' but nothing out of the normal beyond that IIRC.

I refer to the statement about MySQL 5.10 in this document:

It might be that it works, but as Koha is not known for being easy to
install and maintain, I'd recommend to stick with a steady path (says me
who runs it on OpenSolaris, but that's just for the joy of running real

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