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I can answer some of this.

SMS only works if you have the drivers installed for it.  See here:

Info on importing patrons can be foudn here -
but it does not address the fines issue.

You can join the community by reading up here: http://koha.org/community/


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2009/4/24 Twinamatsiko Smith <twimithee at gmail.com>:
> Hey guys,
> Whenever i build reports and try to export them to any microsoft excel for
> printing, the system responds but the report does no respond....
> Secondly, Does Sms to a cell phone work my seem not to work.
> Another query, i would like to import existing students, their names,
> address,books they have, fines into Koha. how best should i do it.
> Lastly, how can i really join u guys like being be part of your forum so
> that iam part of contrbutors
> Uganda
> Thank you
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