[Koha] Reg Import from Marc to Koha

Sai Bhalaji D. d.saibhalaji at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 04:27:16 NZST 2008

I have an issue while importing the Marc file into Koha.
Here is a sample of the input data:

=LDR  01911nam  2200265Ia 45e0
=003  30/08/08
=004  P
=005  M
=010  2005040138
=020  0-8058-4762-6
=080  658.4092
=100  \\$aBass$bBernard M.
=100  \\$aRiggio$bRonald E.
=245  \\$aTransformational Leadership, Second Edition / Bernard M. Bass,
Ronald E. Riggio
=250  \\$aSecond
=260  \\$aNew Jersey$bLawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers$c2006
=300  \\$axiii,282 p. illu. 23 cm.
=500  \\$aThis book on transformational leadership is a comprehensive review
of theorizing and empirical reseach on leadership. Transformational
leadership provides a better fit for leading today's complex work groups and
organizations, where people not only seek an inpirational leader to help
guide them through an uncertain environment but where followers also want to
be challenged and feel empowered.
=520  1.\Introduction, 2. The Measurement of Transformational Leadership, 3.
Commitment, Loyalty, and Satisfaction of Followers of Transformational
Leaders, 4. Transformational Leadership and Performance, 5. Stress and
Transformational Leadership, 6. Contingencies of Transformational
Leadership, 7. Transformational Organizational Cultures, 8. Transformational
Leadership of Men and Women, 9. Implications of Transformational Leadership
for Organizational Policies, 10. The Development of Transformational
leadership, 11. Predictors and Correlates of Transformational Leadership,
12. Rank, Status, and Transformational Leadership, 13. Empowerment and
Transformational Leadership, 14. Substitutes for Transformational Leadership
and Teams as Substitutes, 15. Transformational Leadership : Future
Challenges and Applications
=546  \\$aENGLISH
=650  \\$a<Leadership - Transformational Leadership - Organizational Change>
=952  \\$p74028
=955  \\$aMONOGRAPH
=952  \\$c658.4092$bBER$c2006
=965  \\$a#\21.50

=LDR  01162nam  2200241Ia 45e0
=003  01/09/08
=004  P
=005  M
=010  2004050625
=020  0-8058-3284-x
=080  658.4092
=100  \\$aAvolio$bBruce J.
=245  \\$aLeadership Development in Balance - MADE/BORN / Bruce J. Avolio
=260  \\$aNew Jersey$bLawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers$c2005
=300  \\$axv,230 p. illu. 23 cm.
=500  \\$aThis book discusses about authentic leadership development. It
explains about the core concepts of the leadership development process.
=520  1.\Stretching Views of Leadership Development, 2. One's Life Stream,
3. The Selfs : Image, Reflection, and Discovery, 4. Building Perspective, 5.
Feedback to Inch and Leap Forward, 6. Reflection, 7. Mistakes and Trust, 8.
E-Leadership Is Leadership Plus, 9. Leadership Development : What We Know We
Know So Far, 10. Raising Leadership Development to Strategic Levels, 11.
Down Stream Along the Full Range of Leadership, 12. Research Supporting What
Has Been Said
=546  \\$aENGLISH
=650  \\$a<Leadership>
=952  \\$p74027
=955  \\$aMONOGRAPH
=952  \\$c658.4092$bAVO$c2005
=965  \\$a#\18-50.

=LDR  01644nam  2200253Ia 45e0
=003  01/09/08
=004  P
=005  M
=010  2008003873
=020  978-0-7619-3628-2
=080  658.4080954
=100  \\$aAgarwal$bSanjay K.
=245  \\$aCorporate Social Responsibility in India / Sanjay K. Agarwal
=260  \\$aNew Delhi$bResponse Books, Sage Publications$c2008
=300  352 p. illu. 22 cm.
=500  \\$aThis book uses Indian examples, case studies and corporate social
responsibility role models from the Indian industry to explain the gap
between Indian business needs and current practices. As the Indian industry
enters international markets, it is imperative to integrate corporate social
responsibility with business goals for long-term sustainability and healthy
economic, social and environmental impact. This book dwells on the concepts
of corporate social responsibility, from its inception as philanthropy till
its application in business. It assists in further understanding the meaning
of business beyond financial numbers and tries to explain how even corporate
social responsibility can be used as a marketing tool and for business
=520  \\$aChapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Triple Bottom Line, Chapter 3:
CSR Reports, Chapter 4: CSR Projects, Chapter 5: Tax Breaks on CSR Expenses,
Chapter 6: CSR Reports Assurance
=546  \\$aENGLISH
=651  \\$a<Industrial Management - Social Responsibility of Business -
=651  \\$a<Corporate Social Responsibility - India - Indian Examples and
Case Studies>
=952  \\$p74015
=955  \\$aMONOGRAPH
=952  \\$c658.4080954$bAGA$c2008
=965  \\$aRs. 375-00.

952p -> Accession# or Barcode
952c -> Call# or Location

When I import the file, it creates the records in the items table with
individual barcodes
and location blank, and finally it creates one more record which has barcode
as null and
has the location loaded.
Therefore, if there are 2 books(i.e. 2 barcodes), it totally creates 3
records for that
biblio(2 records with barcode and one record with locartion).

Please let me know if some more information is required for this.

Sai Bhalaji,
Sri Sathya Sai University.
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