[Koha] regarding Net::Z3950::ZOOM

Paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Sat Sep 6 01:50:41 NZST 2008

vijay kumar a écrit :
> Dear Member,

Hi Vijay,

I suppose you're the same vijay I met in june in France, Lyon. Nice to 
see you here.

> Is there any perl modules needed for prior installation of
> Net::Z3950::ZOOM cpan modules.
> Due to force installation its showing already this CPAN modules is
> installed in my system   but Z3950 searching is not working ....
> Below I pasted my  Net::Z3950::ZOOM installation error and i am
> getting error 255.

not a Perl dep, but yaz must be installed (www.indexdata.dk/yaz/)

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