[Koha] advice about basics of library management

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 03:50:55 NZST 2008

David Schuster wrote:
> As much information as possible is always a good thing for starters.
> There is a book out there called More Easy Marc - for instruction on how and
> what to enter for MARC data.

I have referred the volunteer libraries to a couple of sites. One of
those sites, IIRC, has a online tutorial (perhaps flash based) on MARC.

> SUBJECT Headings and Summarys would be a big help as that is how people will
> find the data by keyword generally.
> LC subject headings can be found online at: http://authorities.loc.gov
> As far as the call number is concerned - don't shoot me, but the call number
> is a locating device so if they don't want to convert to Dewey or LC that is
> fine use what they have.

That is very helpful. As I said earlier, I do have a library sciences
background, and I don't anybody else in the establishment has. But this
point at least makes me comfortable on what to do with the numbers they
already have.

> Dewey is "catagorized" so that all the animal books are together and then
> all of the Dolphins would be together on a shelf for example.
> With that small number of books I wouldn't be too concerned about it unless
> they are going to grow and goup to 20,000 books.
> Lots of my own opinion, but FYI...

thanks for your comments.

> David Schuster

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