[Koha] Translation problems ...

Unni Knutsen Unni.Knutsen at jbi.hio.no
Sun Jun 29 02:44:33 NZST 2008

We are currently translating Koha 3.0 into Norwegian. We are nearly 
finished, but there are a couple of things that we are not able to solve:

When searching for a patron in Staff, a table is shown with (among other 
things) a heading "OD/issues". What does OD mean????

Another problem that we have is the list of patron types. When creating 
a new patron there is a pull down menue which shows you some options. 
What is a "Professional Patron". It is evidently different from Staff 
and Organisation, but we just can't figure it out.

I hope someone out there can help us!

Best wishes from

Unni Knutsen

Unni Knutsen
Høgskolen i Oslo
22 45 26 56

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