[Koha] Unable to make RC1

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Jun 25 10:01:58 NZST 2008

Paul Landers <paul.landers at ttuhsc.edu> wrote:
> Attempting to upgrade from Beta2 to RC1 on Debian Etch per the upgrade  
> instructions in INSTALL.debian.
> perl Makefile.PL completes successfully, but then when issuing make,  
> it fails with this error:
> Bad arg length for Socket::inet_ntoa, length is 0, should be 4 at  
> rewrite-config.PL line 67.

Your server won't tell Koha its own IP address.  Either sort out
its hostname configuration, or enter a line like
  export WEBSERVER_IP=
before trying to install.

Aside: that should die with a more informative error - anyone spot why
it's not?

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