[Koha] Corrupted record

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Fri Jun 20 20:51:22 NZST 2008

> OK - just to be shure: there is no way to delete this currupted record 
> in Koha. I have to do that using the tools of MySQL itself?

Usually you delete biblio records directly in Koha but you've explained 
you can't (I don't know why). Did you use this procedure ?

    * you search a biblio record
    * you display it
    * you choose Edit > Edit Items
    * you delete each item
    * then, you choose Edit > Delete record

> How many tuplets in what tables do I have to delete? Do I understand 
> you rightly assuming there are 3 records to delete?

In MySQL, I would do something like:

    DELETE FROM biblio WHERE biblionumber = 1234;
    DELETE FROM biblioitems WHERE biblionumber = 1234;
    DELETE FROM items WHERE biblionumber = 1234;

A better method method would be using Koha API in a Perl script...

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