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Thanks Irma

I meant the techies here, not the ones who designed Koha. 

I may be able to push through an upgrade to Koha, but would need 
definitive proof that the current version does not meet organisational 
Is there a backlist of bugs for old versions somewhere that I could 

Sometimes I use Explorer, sometimes I use firefox, but my access to Koha 
is direct, not through a web browser.


RE: [Koha] Serials

13/06/2008 11:22 AM

Hello Sarah, 
Oh dear...I know what it feels like to spend much time on a function to 
still not have it work well or work at all at the end. Koha 3.0 is the 
answer re serials.
A few comments, if I may.
It's scary to read your comments re: "no idea how libraries are supposed 
to function".
What I mean is that you are asking for help on a public e-list and amongst 
the readers are the people (who can/could/would/do help) but are referred 
to as "set up by people who". Of course the general Koha list is read by 
librarians as well as IT people, but I know that a lot a lot of work went 
into the Serials module and they did have a librarian at Katipo 
Communications work with them. Honey catches more flies!
I also note that your Koha 2.2.7 runs on Windows XP. Do you also use 
Internet Explorer? Most of the developers are Linux/Unix users and 
Might you be in a position to upgrade to Koha 3.0 stable?
Best regards, 
Irma Birchall 
CALYX information essentials
M: 0413 510 717
irma at calyx.net.au

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Hi all 

I'm a solo librarian new to Koha and I'm sorting through some issues of 
the system being set up by people who had no idea how libraries are 
supposed to function : ) 
This is the version etc. I'm using: 
Koha version: 2.2.7 
OS version: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] 
Perl version: 5.008008 
MySQL version: mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.26, for Win32 (ia32) 

I have a problem for which there may be an easy answer. I'm trying to make 
the Serials Module go. I seem to have set up the subscription details 
okay. I attempt to receive an issue, press save and get this error: 
"Premature end of script headers : statecollection.pl" 
Then I can't seem to receive any more issues, or even replicate the 
problem unless I delete the subscription completely and start again. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Sarah Smith
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