[Koha] spine label

Suzanne Gilbert sgilbert at ihm-school.org
Wed Jun 11 06:56:10 NZST 2008


I am just beginning to put books on the computer for our school 
library.  We had been using version 1.2.4 (I think).  We are now using 
3.0.  In the old version there was a place for Item Type, which is 
Fiction, non-fiction, young adult, etc, which I have been able to figure 
out and edit in version 3.0.  In the old version there was a category - 
Classification, which was what was on the spine label...so the students, 
if they looked the book up on the electronic card catalog, would know 
where to locate the book on the shelf.  Is Classification in the old 
version the same thing as Shelving Location in 3.0 and if so, how do I 
get in to it to edit it (right now it has Biography, Fiction, New Book 
Shelf (twice), and Reference, when I click on it). Or is Koha Full Call 
Number where I should fill in what is on the spine label?
I hope my question is clear and someone will be able to answer it.  I'm 
kind of stuck until then.
Suzanne Gilbert
IHM Library

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