[Koha] RFID and Koha 2.2.2

Wojciech Zatorski listy-in at zatorski.net
Fri Jun 6 20:38:16 NZST 2008

Hello Joann,

Friday, June 6, 2008, 7:57:29 AM, you wrote:

JR> Hi there,

JR> So my question is, do any libraries out there running 2.0.x
JR> have any comments, observations or advice they would be willing to
JR> share about RFID vendors and systems in relation to Koha.

we are planing integrate RFID system to KOHA but now we pick offers..
btw: we don't buy solution;)

we want:
- reader which can read tag for about 1 m (and more) in free space.
- tag with ean13 code

what this will give us:
- free access to books (gateways with cam)
- monitoring where book is
- easy stock-taking of books (inventory check)
- still barcode in use for circulation

what your library want from RFID?

The Main Library of Szczecin University.
Computerization Department.

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