[Koha] Items Shelving Location

Marijana Glavica mglavica at ffzg.hr
Wed Jun 4 22:41:08 NZST 2008

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 05:00:19AM -0400, Pseudo Admin wrote:
> How do I configure Koha to display items Shelving location (MARC 952 c) on
> OPAC search results?

It looks like OPACItemsResultsDisplay under System Preferences should do this - there are two options: 
statuses - show only the status of items in result list
itemdetails - show full location of items (branch+location+callnumber) as in staff interface

(for the second option there is a mistake in description - it is written itemdisplay)

but, whatever I do, I see full location of items in OPAC display, oposit of your situation - I can not turn off location information.

is this a bug?
also, on liblime demo the situation is as with my installation.


Marijana Glavica
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries
I. Lucica 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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