[Koha] Zebra Indexing Problems

Mueller, Christine, DCA Christine.Mueller at state.nm.us
Thu Jan 31 13:28:10 NZDT 2008

Environment: Koha 3 Alpha / Ubuntu 7.1.0 / Zebra 2.0.26 / Mac-Tel
Hardware / MARC21

No experience with Koha 2.x; our goal is to become familiar with Koha
while waiting for Koha 3 Beta


Problems with Zebra Indexing:


1)       When biblio and biblioitem deleted from database data remained
in Zebra indexes and search results displayed link to biblio which was
no longer in database, even after indexes rebuilt. - How to prevent?


2)       Sometimes new biblios would not be indexed for 20-30 minutes
and other times Zebra indexes would need to be rebuilt to force indexing
of new biblios. - Any suggestions for solving delayed indexing problem?


3)       When Zebra server is restarted Zebra directories are missing
and must be restored. - How can server be restarted without deleting


4)       Today searching no longer works at all. Zebra server was
restarted, missing directories were restored and indexes were rebuilt.
Biblios and biblioitems are still in the database. - Any suggestions for
restoring search function *without* reinstalling Zebra?


5)       If we want to export the biblios and biblioitems (less than 25
at this time) in the database to create a backup file in case we need to
do a total reinstall of Koha and Zebra are there any "gotchas" or best


Thanks in advance for assistance. 


Christine Mueller

Database Administrator

Office of Information Technology

New Mexico State Library

1209 Camino Carlos Rey

Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: 505-476-9744

christine.mueller at state.nm.us



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