[Koha] Recommended Computer Specs

Tomasz Holdowanski mordazy at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Jan 25 00:40:47 NZDT 2008

Alfred Nutile wrote:
> Sorry if this is somewhere on the site. Maybe someone could just send me 
> a link.
> Is there are way to spec out a server for an "average" size library.
> Maybe there is a book volume measuring system to say if you
> have this many books then you need these specs for a server?
> Thanks
> Al

The size of a library is not a primary factor, but rather the number of
simultaneous connections and transactions frequency. I had Koha 2.2.4
installed on Athlon 900, 512 Ram, 9.1 gb SCSI drive and it worked fine,
but I was the only user. Bulkmarcimport of 120000 records took about 20
hours. Now I`ve moved Koha to Core2Duo E4500, 4 gb RAM, 4x160 gb SATA2
and I think it`ll be an overkill. 4 catalogers, up to 10 desk
attendants, up to 3000 borrow / return / reserve operations a day.
However, you should pay attention to client machines - they should have
reasonably fast CPUs and decent graphic cards (preferably NOT onboard,
especially Intels, SIS and VIAs). I encountered annoying slow-downs on
machines with onboard graphics when cataloging and setting system


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