[Koha] RE: [Koha-devel] What Server Specs do YOU run Koha on?

Bernard Shiundu BShiundu at strathmore.edu
Tue Jan 22 02:23:03 NZDT 2008

Collection - 55000, average transactions (issue/return) 500 per day,
Production Server Specs - CentOS 4, 1.8 Gig Proc, 1GB RAM, 80 GB HDD.
Perfomance fair with Koha 2.2.9 (which in production) - excellent with Koha 3 with lower specs in (still in development). Production server is not exclusive to Koha.
Bernard Shiundu
Systems Librarian
Strathmore University Library

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> Hiya folks,
> Recently we've had a lot of people ask about recommended server specs
> for Koha. This is a tough question to answer because it comes loaded with
> assumptions about the size of the collection, transaction load, etc. So I
> was
> wondering if those of you who are running Koha in your libraries could
> just
> post a quick email to the list saying how large your collection is, number
> of
> transactions, what server specs you use (proc speed, RAM, disk space,
> etc.),
> and how the performance has been for you ... and then we can compile
> that as part of the FAQ.
> Cheers,
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