[Koha] Re: BulkMarcImport done?

Lawrence Bean lbean at u47.k12.me.us
Fri Jan 18 02:35:38 NZDT 2008

>Lawrence Bean writes:
>I was able to get the "bulkmarkimport.pl" script to work, with the result:
>"3995 MARC record done"
>from the Winnebago export file. Let me know if anything looks different
>on your end, and what I can do next.

Laura Phelps writes:
>I wish I could report that all is well now... but unfortunately, I can't
>discern any difference.  The items seem to still be in the reservoir and
>I can't figure out how to move them.  

Hello list. I (tech) was able to export our MARC records from our current
Winnebago system and used the koha web interface to upload them to the

Laura and Megan (Librarians) could see the recods in the reservoir, but
were daunted by the thought of moving each into the catalog one at a time
as an acquisition.

The answer appeared to be to use the bulkmarkimport.pl script, which I was
able to do successfully with the same marc export file from Winnebago I
used for the web interface upload. I watched as the terminal output
counted off each marc record as it was processed.

The librarians report, however, that after doing this they do not "see"
what they believe they should be seeing in the catalog. Would a librarian
from the list be willing to communicate directly with them to verify
whether or not the bulkmarcimport.pl script did what it was expected to do?

LPhelps at u47.k12.me.us
MFuller at u47.k12.me.us

We are currently using koha 2.2.9 on Debian, and before this step the only
things we have done is the basic setup for fields and branches and such. I
saved this initial MySQL database before proceeding on to this step. At
this point in time, just starting out, would anyone suggest it would be
beneficial for us to jump right to 3.0a before we continue and "restore"
the initial saved database (2.2.9->3.0a database upgrade issues?), or as
beginners would it be better for us to stick with 2.2.9 until 3.0 is out
of alpha?

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