[Koha] Thumnail images in catalog search results? (Was:details automatic

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Thu Jan 17 09:10:58 NZDT 2008


Is this in the current version? There are so many new bells and whistles
it's staggering :)

>Anyone interested can let me know either on the listserv or off and
I'll get to it pronto.

If it's not, I can only imagine there are a lot of folks that are
interested. There's a way to make images for Patrons show up, and I know
I'm not a coding guru, but I would think that you might wish to look at
the way that code is handled in hopes of saving you a bit of time.

>up one's own number. That way, items without ISBNs could be made to
display something (now or in the future, as one chooses) e.g. CDs,
websites. Items with ISBNs could have their numbers copied over into the
linking field using a utility like MARCEdit, etc. to make such global
changes easier.

*nod* That sounds great. I abuse the poor 856u field, but this sounds
more flexible than a URL thang, which is awesome. 

>Very excited about the new release, Joshua. Congratulations to you and
all the programmers and developpers who've made this great step forward

Yes, thanks guys :)

I have to wonder about folks in the Library community starting a hoot
and hollerin' over public domain cover images. It seems as though in an
ideal world LOC would have a bank of images as part of the CIP process
so that everyone would be able to link or copy to it... (I know this is
beyond the scope of the Koha project, but heck, it's important enough to
mention, methinks...)

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