[Koha] trouble with z3950 search

Marshall Levin mlevin at meadhall.com
Sat Jan 12 12:28:16 NZDT 2008


I'm using Koha 2.2.9 with Ubuntu (the pre-build vmware image) and I'm 
having trouble with the z3950 search. I first added the LOC server but 
whenever I'd search by ISBN (making sure to look for an item I knew was 
in the catalog), I'd get a 500 Server Error. I then tried adding the 
Harvard University z3950 server and the Boston Metro Library z3950 
server and tried searching by ISBN for items I knew were in their 
catalogs. This time I wouldn't get a 500 error but would always get "no 
item found" or whatever the message was.

Anything I might be doing wrong?

I did make sure to start the z3950 daemon.


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