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Hi Michel, 

do you found a solution? I did buildt a MS Access database connected via
ODBC and made my own printing application. Not perfect, but at least I can
print and select spine labels now. 
Let me know if you found something else or need help with the access
database way. 


mvirard wrote:
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>> sir
>>     i have installed  koha 2.2.2 in fedora core 4.
>>  How can i implement or use a barcode scanner for cataloging purpose that
>> is
>> for issuing books, returning books, renewing books operations.
>> I found in koha there is provision for generating barcodes.
>> which type of barcode scanner is i can use with koha.
>> it is possible to use the barcode scanner for stock verification purpose.
>> How can i use a barcode scanner for all these purposes...
>> i am waiting for answers.....
>> Thanks in advance..
> To answer first question: which type of bar-code scanner.
> The easiest is to mount what is called a "wedge wand" (that is a handheld
> bar code reader that connect between a PC keyboard and a PC) on one or
> more client terminals, (not on the server). Price goes between 100USD and
> 300USD for good quality, reliable bar code readers (Intermec, Symbol).
> Typical encoding is Code39 for numbers.
> Once this wand is installed, you can scan the ISBN number bar code
> (already present on most book back covers) and of course any additional
> bar code label you may have designed. The wedge wand simple principle is
> the following: whenever your client terminal Koha administrator interface
> is waiting for an input (on the right MARC field, of course), the stream
> of hand type digits can be replaced by a single scan of the proper label
> with the wand. Speed and error free are the benefits. If the wand is out
> of order, you can still enter those number manually.
> During lending and return operations, the bar code reading with the wand
> will come handy. You can also go one step farther and make borrower cards
> with bar-codes (another story) so identifying the borrower and his book is
> now completely automated.
> Now the trickier part is to create the book label(s) themselves: you don't
> want too much or too little information on the label. Just the right
> amount for the job. The current program for printing labels in Koha 2.2.9
> uses large sheet of many labels (by the way, I have not been able to print
> them correctly so far). I would appreciate an easier program that prints a
> single label at a time (using a small label printer, not a standard laser
> printer) at the end of the cataloguing operation of one book.
> Has anyone worked on such a single label program ?
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