[Koha] Help Git unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Jan 7 23:19:58 NZDT 2008

"Pseudo Admin" <sayanslib at gmail.com> wrote: [...]
> also it was mentioned that it may be possible to clone a git project using
> the http protocol, which is considerably slower but works even behind
> firewalls [...]
> Will this be possible on the koha git repository in the future?

It is possible on the koha git repository today.
The master branch in http://serene.ttllp.co.uk/~mjr/koha.git
is an irregularly-updated http mirror of git.koha.org

> I may not be able to convince our ISP to open our firewall for Git :)

You're using an ISP that controls your firewall and doesn't serve you
and you're using googlemail - I think you need to reconsider your

Anyway, this sort of thing would be better on the koha-devel list.
Most users shouldn't be running straight off git checkout.

Hope that helps,
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