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Joe Atzberger ohiocore at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 01:58:52 NZST 2007

As a baseline, you can try to access the system by it's IP address.  To
determine the IP address of the Koha system try: Start >  Run > cmd >
ipconfig.  Then go to the other system and send your browser to that IP.

You might also need to make sure the XP firewall is not blocking incoming

If your workstations are locked into using a proxy server that does not
allow you to access your Koha system, then you will need to talk to whoever
controls your network and set up the proxy.

After you confirm the communication is working via IP, then you can test it
by name (the one under My Computer >  Properties > Computer Name).  To make
it accessible to the rest of the internet, you might have to involve the
same individual in charge of your network to register the DNS entry, assign
a real IP or NAT, and/or open relevant ports in a firewall.

--Joe Atzberger
INFOhio Technical Specialist
Metropolitan Educational Council

On 9/24/07, Kim <kimreson at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Have installed KOHA 2.2.8 on windows XP and have configured the server
> based on instructions got from koha docs. My problem is how to access the
> server /opac from a remote workstion within the LAN. How can I configure the
> server or workstation so as the can work properly? Have tried to bypass the
> proxy server with no success. Please help.
> Rgds,
> Isaac M. Kimani
> Asst. Librarian
> Gretsa University
> P. O. Box 3 01000
> Thika
> Tel: 067 20040/1 Ext. 302
> Cell: 0721 111 001
> http://www.gretsauniversity.ac.ke
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