[Koha] mysql-server4.1 installation error

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Sep 22 05:35:53 NZST 2007

reegal <reegalkalariya at yahoo.com> wrote: [...]
> Package mysql-server-4.1 is a virtual package provided by:
>   mysql-server-5.0 5.0.22-0ubuntu6.06.3
> You should explicitly select one to install.
> E: Package mysql-server-4.1 has no installation candidate
> So can i know how can i solve this error..please reply me as soon as
> possible...

If it's like the most recent debian release, you can't install
mysql-server-4.1 unless you build it yourself.  I'd install
mysql-server-5.0, make sure you're using koha 2.2.9 and watch closely
for any database errors.

Hope that helps,
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