[Koha] FAQ: Why am I prompted to save a .pl file? was: Problemsadding a biblio...

Jacobien Stols jacobien at sabinet.co.za
Tue Sep 11 23:00:05 NZST 2007

The error in the koha-error log, when we try to upload breedingid=4212 is:

koha-error_log:[Tue Sep 11 12:34:49 2007] [debug] mod_cache.c(502): cache: /cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl?oldbiblionumber=0&z3950=1&breedingid=4212 cached. Reason: Response status 500

What does it mean : 'not cached. Reason: Response status 500'?



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Hennie Rautenbach a écrit :
> MJ Ray wrote:
>> Hennie Rautenbach <hennie at sabinet.co.za> wrote: [...]
>>> trying to add a "biblio" manually. We are prompted to save the 
>>> "addbiblio.pl" file. I see this has happened to other users before 
>>> (google search), but I am unable to find a reference to a fix for it.
>> This has happened because the script has crashed without producing 
>> any output, so apache has guessed (incorrectly) what headers to send 
>> and your browser interpreted it as a file download.
>> To stop it, fix the crash.  To fix the crash, find out the error.  To 
>> find out the error, look in koha-error_log for the time of the crash.
>> (To find koha-error_log, see the ErrorLog line in koha-httpd.conf)   
> Thanks.
> Appears the bibliographic we tried to add is broken or not in MARC 
> format.
> I appreciate the assistance,
> Regards,
It could be that your framework is not valid (check it in parameters
Or the data you send is not clean.
Hopes that helps.
Henri-Damien LAURENT
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