[Koha] Problems adding a biblio...

Hennie Rautenbach hennie at sabinet.co.za
Tue Sep 11 17:32:05 NZST 2007

Hi there,

We have installed the latest release of Koha on a Linux server: 
Operating System: Ubuntu 7.04

All worked well until a week ago when we started getting an error when 
trying to add a "biblio" manually. We are prompted to save the 
"addbiblio.pl" file. I see this has happened to other users before 
(google search), but I am unable to find a reference to a fix for it.

See screenshot at http://overland.co.za/upload/share/error.jpg

I have verified that cgid.load is present in "mods-enabled".  The only 
thing that changed on the server since this feature became broke is an 
installation of Wordpress Blog. Not sure how this may have impacted on 
Koha ?

Any assistance to get this problem resolved will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Hennie Rautenbach

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