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Please find below the summons to the first Ordinary General Assembly
of KohaLa, created (officially) 28 April 2007.  KohaLa is a 1901-law
association created by users and developers of Koha, with the aim of
promoting, improving and documenting their preferred ILS.

Persons seeking participation in the Administrative Council should
make their candidature known before the Assembly and the election will
take place on the day of the Assembly.



You are invited to come participate in the first Ordinary General
Assembly of KohaLa (Koha Libre Association) which will take place
Thursday 4 October 2007 from 1330 in l'Ecole des Mines de Paris (60,
Boulevard st Michel, Paris 6e).

The agenda will be:
  - approval of internal regulation
  - election of Administrative Councillors
  - setting of subscription rate

Persons wishing to participate in the Administrative Council are
requested to present their candidature before the Assembly to
francine.masson at ensmp.fr or pascale.nalon at ensmp.fr

The following documents will be sent to you (by post) on request to
the same people:
  - Association statutes
  - Internal regulation project
  - Membership bulletin

I remind you that, if you are unable to attend, you can give a power
to another member of the assocation.  Current members of the
association are the four founding members:
Sylvia Bozan, Francine Masson, Pascale Nalon, Paul Poulain

Paris, le 7 septembre 2007
President : Francine Masson



Following the internal regulations of the KohaLa association:

I the undersigned ........ give power to ........ to represent me and
vote at the General Assembly of KohaLa on Thursday 4 October 2007

........ at ........ (giver of power - signed)

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